SHARPEN YOUR TEETH, I don’t really know how to describe this mix I...

I don’t really know how to describe this mix I made, but I called it “sad people in their 20’s” on 8tracks if that says anything. here are some lyrics I like.

100 Resolutions; I’ve got one hundred resolutions, but I’ve got no solutions / I’ve got one song I write a hundred times, but only a dozen or so rhymes

Westbound Sign; Is it salvation? / or an escape from discontent? / will she find her name in the California cement?

Monumental; Put on a pair of sunglasses that turn February gray into everything yellow / you’ll always want to see as much of the sky / as much of the sky as possible

I.T.I.A.L.S.; All the words that I said / I’ll hang myself with / and then your stupid smile / says I did it again / Why do I do it all the time? 

Ran That Scam; I start sweet and then get mean / Until I’m bored with everything / I can’t stand that you’re all so close to me / I am so afraid of what you’ll see

Focus On Your Own Family; You’re not alone, there’s millions just like you / you might not see it now, but you’re about to break through

Boredom Addict; We’ve been sitting all around here for a couple of days / and we’ve been staring at the sun because we like it

Black Nothing of a Cat; And I get such guilt to chew, I’ll chew it over / All the things we didn’t do, I’ll do it over / and if you let me I won’t screw it up again / I probably will, I probably will, I probably will

Looking Like You Just Woke Up; and I love New Mexico, I love places I’ve never been / I love the idea of places I’ll never go

Personal Space Invader; Be kind to those you love / and be kind to those you don’t / but for God’s sake, you gotta be kind / and respectful because we’re all one soul / be the best fucking human that you can be


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